PTO shaft WPTS Series



XINLAN PTO shafts are designed to transmit a specific torque from the Power-Take-Off spline shaft of the tractor to the Power-Take-On spline shaft of the machine. XINLAN S.A. makes PTO shafts designed to transmit the torque of the following ranges: 220 Nm, 300 Nm, 460 Nm, 540 Nm, 630 Nm, 680 Nm, 900 Nm, 1200 Nm and 1700 Nm in the basic version, and 680 Nm in wide angle version, in two options: with one wide angle joint, with two wide angle joints. Basic PTO shafts are used when the mutual location of the Power-Take-Off and Power-Take-On spline shafts during continuous works does not result in exceeded 25° of joint breaking angle. Wide angle PTO shafts are used in the case where the fracture of relative position of the tractor power take off to the machine power input connection shaft can allow reaching up to 50° angles in every working moment and 80° angles temporary. These shafts allow the transfer of power constantly without having to drive off at the headland.